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Fluid thoughts


Having a brain we don’t understand. Having a consciousness but not knowing why we’re here…this is hard on me sometimes. It seems we are not yet the generations or species to solve these mysteries.Some people might think we are the final product of something. A final state of evolution. They think they are ‚finished‘ and ‚complete‘. And I guess in...

The Moment of Truth


Gnōthi seautón [greek: ΓΝΩΘΙ ΣΕΑΥΤΟΝ, „Nosce te ipsum“, „Know thyself!“, „Erkenne dich selbst!“] A (delphic) saying so old, so wise and so inevitable to life itself that it seems hardly possible to grasp it. Following Plato’s idea of self-awareness, gnōthi seautón is an offer, an invitation and maybe even a request to man to recognize...



My eyes are closed. My headphones cover my ears and everything else fades away…slowly – just like the space around me would widen itself steadily. Until I am all-one. I feel the music filling up my system…spreading like the space around me. My body reacts to it so naturally – with a flow of feelings, with this slight arousal of empathy. And I am not more than an observer...

Wild and free


All good things are wild and free
Henry David Thoreau
Henry David Thoreau recently became one of my favorite philosophers. There is hardly anything to add to this quote. It´s a simple sentence filled to the brim with truth. I just got it wrong for a long time, I guess.



Right here and now there is no place on earth or beyond where I’d rather be. Wait.
I pause my thoughts to check on my feelings. Can that be true? If I could be anywhere in the world right now, would I choose to be here?
The answer strikes me with a sweet shiver and little goosebumps run across my skin.



With cold drops of mountain water sprinkled all over my warm skin, I close my eyes. I relish that feeling. A feeling you just can’t put to words, because you know it is beyond that.
I am thankful. At peace. And humble. And something untold. Something so wild I know I could never tame it.

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