Artista Vivente Maike Czychi Tanz Bewegung Training Tanzpädagogin Tanztherapie Kunst Bewegungskunst Fotografie Sängerin

Dear bodies – you are meant to move. You are built to express, process and regulate through a delicate balance of movement and rest.  

You are the native language. You convert energy created within into perceptible energy outside of you. An energy perceived by every living being on this planet.
It is a language you do not have to learn. You inherit it. It’s intuitive. Ancient. Universal.

Your components equal those of the soil you are walking on. You are so so deeply rooted in this earth. Connected to everything around you.

You are the source of life on this earth. Constantly creating energy to live. Complex. Naturally. Mesmerizing. 

Dear bodies – you do not need someone to tell you how to move, how to heal, how to live. How to do what you where literally born to do. 

You just need to remember.

Mentorship Hochsensibilität Vielbegabung Freiheit Partnerschaft Artista Vivente
Mentorship Kunst Fotografie Grafikdesign Artista Vivente Maike Czychi

♁ Freiheit und Verbindung leben, sich selbst und das Leben spüren lernen (RE:©NNECT) 

♁ Lebenskünstler:in sein – den eigenen Werten folgen und sich von äußeren Erwartungen lösen

♁ Gesunde Kommunikation, Grenzen wahrnehmen und kommunizieren lernen

♁ Hochsensibilität, Hochbegabung, Vielbegabung als heilsame Persönlichkeitsfacette:n integrieren lernen

♁ Ganzheitliche Gesundheit & Embodiment